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August 21 2011

Zombies Born of Government Spending

The Market Oracle

Zombie, zombie in the night Making cities burn so bright What immortal hand could frame Thy fearful symmetry?

How Google+ just changed my life

Armed and Dangerous

It is with some bemusement that I report that Google+ – not yet out of beta – has already changed my life. Bear with me because I’m going to talk about diet for a bit, but where I’m actually going is to a discussion of how our means of acquiring information is changing.

So, I saw Sugar: The Bitter Truth scroll up on G+, watched it, and…ay yi yi. Fructose, a hepatotoxic poison?

OK, I did some...

August 19 2011

Goldman Sachs VP Changed Name, Now a Top Congressional Staffer


Via: Think Progress: Has Rep. Darrell Issa (R-CA) turned the House Oversight Committee into a bank lobbying firm with the power to subpoena and pressure government regulators? ThinkProgress has found that a Goldman Sachs vice president changed his name, then later went to work for Issa to coordinate his effort to thwart regulations that affect [...]

August 18 2011

SEC Illegally Destroyed Files and Documents Related to Thousands of Early-Stage Investigations


Shared by attila
You’ll love this one. Via: New York Times: An enforcement lawyer at the Securities and Exchange Commission says that the agency illegally destroyed files and documents related to thousands of early-stage investigations over the last 20 years, according to information released Wednesday by...

For First Time, More Corn Used for Ethanol Than Livestock


Via: The Gazette: For the first time ever, more of the corn crop may go into gas tanks than into the stomachs of cattle and poultry destined for kitchen tables. The prediction drew little response last week when it was released by the USDA in its Crop Production and Supply/Demand Report for the 2011 crop [...]

August 17 2011

Long Beach Police Department Claims Authority to Detain People for Taking Pictures “With No Apparent Aesthetic Value”


The U.S. horror show is plumbing new depths of fascism now. This one will definitely cause you to skip a beat. Even I had to pause and re-read this one in disbelief. Via: Long Beach Post: Police Chief Jim McDonnell has confirmed that detaining photographers for taking pictures “with no apparent esthetic value” is within [...]

August 13 2011

Choose Real Food


Via: Whole Health Source: The people who design government dietary guidelines are gagged by the fact that politics and business are so tightly intertwined in this country. Their advice will never directly target the primary source of obesity and metabolic dysfunction– industrially processed food– because that would hurt corporate profits in one of the country’s [...]

August 12 2011

World Is Witnessing Financial WWIII


Shared by attila
Via: Russia Today: Following the loss of the US’s triple-A credit score which sparked sell-offs on global markets, a new war using financial derivatives has been waged, which by no means can bear the name of WWIII, financial analyst Max Keiser told RT. ­Investors however remain unconvinced the...

Pascal Costanza: Complexity metrics other than code size don't mean that much...

Planet Lisp

See here. To cite:

"El Emam and his colleagues repeated some of those experiments using bivariate analysis so that they could allocate a share of the blame to code size (measured by number of lines) and the metric in question. It turned out that code size accounted for all of the significant variation: in other words, the object-oriented metrics they looked at didn't have any actual predictive p...

August 11 2011

China, North Korea, Iran, Libya… David Cameron Threatens to Shut Down UK Social Networks When Pre-Crime Detected


Shared by attila
Via: Thinq: In a move worthy of China’s communist regime, UK PM David Cameron wants to shut down social networks whenever civil unrest rears its head in Britain’s towns and cities. Speaking in the House of Commons, Cameron said, “Everyone watching these horrific actions will be struck by how they were, organised via social media. [...]

U.S. Military to Launch Unmanned Falcon Hypersonic Technology Vehicle 2


Update: Contact ‘Lost’ During Flight Via: USA Today: The U.S. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency says contact with its experimental hypersonic glider was lost after launch from Vandenberg Air Force Base on the central California coast. The glider was launched from this Minotaur IV rocket at Vandenberg Air Force Base in California.. The agency says [...]

August 10 2011

Is A Gold Swiss Franc In The Works?


Shared by attila

and it's on forbes, it shouldn't be just rumours...
I don’t agree with the part about credit being allowed on these accounts, but, wow! Via: Forbes: Now, in Switzerland, efforts are underway to create an official Gold Swiss franc (GSF) with a set of coins, each with a fixed content of gold. The proposed constitutional change would permit private institutions to issue an u...

August 08 2011

Deception, Detection, and Democracy at GenCon, by Bryan Caplan


At this year's GenCon, I discovered a thought-provoking game: "Are You a Werewolf?" - a.k.a. "Mafia."  The game's a brilliant exploration of cheating, cheater detection, and democratic information aggregation.  The basic set-up:

1. There are 15 players and a moderator. 

2. Each player gets one card, which you may not reveal until you leave the game.

3. Twelve of the cards say "Villager," two say ...

August 05 2011

Subtle Signals

Overcoming Bias

Here is a great example of signaling and screening:

The rock supergroup Van Halen had a clause in their concert contracts that stipulated that the band would “be provided with one large bowl of M&M candies, with all brown candies removed”. Once the “M&Ms” story leaked to the press, social commentators jumped all over it as an egregious example of the pampered and spoiled behavior that rock...

August 04 2011

U.S. Special Forces Will Be Deployed in 120 Countries by End of 2011


Via: Counterpunch: Somewhere on this planet an American commando is carrying out a mission. Now, say that 70 times and you’re done… for the day. Without the knowledge of the American public, a secret force within the U.S. military is undertaking operations in a majority of the world’s countries. This new Pentagon power elite is [...]

August 01 2011

Obombya Regime Wants Changes to Arms Export Licensing Process… To Export More Arms


Via: Aviation Week: The Obama administration is proposing to shift tanks, trucks and other military vehicles currently controlled on the U.S. Munitions List (USML) to the less-restrictive U.S. Commerce Control List (CCL) by year’s end as part of a broader effort to reform the U.S. arms export licensing process. The licensing process governs foreign sales [...]

July 29 2011

House Panel Approves Broadened ISP Snooping Bill


Shared by attila
Via: Cnet: Internet providers would be forced to keep logs of their customers’ activities for one year–in case police want to review them in the future–under legislation that a U.S. House of Representatives committee approved today. The 19 to 10 vote represents a victory for conservative...

The End Of The False Flag Wars

The Market Oracle

Shared by attila
It is easy and comforting, for some, to see the recent and current western "military adventures" in lower income, smaller, poorly armed countries as simply a neo-colonial rampage, perhaps with the initial aim of pillaging natural...

July 27 2011

Russia Launches Telescope With 10,000 Times the Resolution of the Hubble Telescope


Via: Christin Science Monitor: Russian scientists are jubilant at news that the Spektr-R, a powerful space telescope conceived in the depths of the cold war, was finally lofted into orbit aboard a Zenit rocket Monday from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan. Once it is fully operational, the new radio telescope will sync up with ground-based [...]

July 26 2011

Hungary Destroys All Monsanto GMO Maize Fields


Via: IB Times: In an effort to rid the country of Monsanto’s GMO products, Hungary has stepped up the pace. This looks like its going to be another slap in the face for Monsanto. A new regulation was introduced this March which stipulates that seeds are supposed to be checked for GMO before they are [...]
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